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Looking for free SEO advice! Cant hurt to ask?

swollyourroll asked 1 year ago
Hi all –

I have an established poker rakeback site that has been up since 2006. We do well mostly due to our members referral efforts and our knowledgeable poker forum is our biggest draw.

Our main keyword is obviously rakeback or rake back. We have never been able to get any higher than page 13 or so on google or yahoo for those search terms.

A few years ago I purchased a program called Internet Business Promoter and have tried to follow their advice but never seems to help.

I am a total amateur when it comes to this stuff and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I even tried to hire help before but was turned away because we are a gambling related site.


3 Answers
Lovina answered 1 year ago
I guess you are talking about the site

A few hints
1. You have made a mess of your site by using instead of just
By using Google is seeing it as a sub domain and it has nothing to do with
A sub domain is treated as a unique domain.

I would remove the page where you enter your site and make your homepage sit on
No need to have the extra step on entering your site.

By doing this you have to move all files and folders to the domain

For example:
Old URL:
New URL:

Old URL:
New URL:
In this example I would also remove /site/ to make it a shorter URL

Important! When moving all the files to the new URL, put a 301 redirect to it’s new URL to pass all linkjuice, thrust and all old bookmarks to go to the new URL
The URL should have a 301 redirect to for example.

2. Using H1, H2,H3 tags
I can see that you are using H2 tags on your mainpage but not H1. Put your keywords in the H1 tag as high on the page as possible.
Since you were not receiving SEO traffic before this will not change much in the short run. In the long run this will make it so much better.

3. Inlinks
After you have made these changes, start chasing after quality inlinks to your site using your keywords. Get inlinks to your homepage as well as inner-pages.

That is at least a start. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

heimdall answered 1 year ago
Al of the above is excellent advice, it sounds like you could also benefit from more links, who can’t, and the more unique content you can pump into your site the better. If you are not comfortable with seo then maybe hire one of the many seo companies to check over your site and give you a list of things to improve, you can also use them, or they can recommend someone, to help you with link building campaigns.

GaryTheScubaGuy answered 1 year ago
@swollyourroll 187589 wrote:

. I even tried to hire help before but was turned away because we are a gambling related site.


Send me your URL