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Pr went up?

Diceman asked 2 years ago
Ok really am I seeing things or did I make it to a pr 4 after a few years almost of being fing pr3?

I need someone else to look and tell me if I need to pinch myself. Its not that I care that much about pr but it would make me feel better knowing that almost 2 pages deep its still a 4

5 Answers
justred answered 2 years ago
You show PR4 on the google toolbar

Diceman answered 2 years ago
Now back down <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> man its so hard to understand this shit. Oh well at least I got to look at it for a few days. I remember when my PR was high!

Tarzan answered 2 years ago
Diceman when you see varying results like that often its a peak in the future or the past. If you’ve never been a PR4 before and you saw it for a day or so then it reverted, chances are good that (a) there may be a PR update in the next weeks and (b) thats probably your new PR

I also saw some fluctations last week but had not said anything because like you I thought I was hallucinating.

someone may correct me if im wrong, all i know i learn from experience.

splinterfree answered 2 years ago
I also think there was a PR upgrade because most of my link exchange pages now have a pr3, just noticed today… wunderbar :1Dopey:

impreza answered 2 years ago
No change on my sites yet and I’m expecting some