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Google Traffic – Whats Your %

darko123 asked 2 years ago
For me googles traffic is much higher then the others (even though google is only 55% of the market)

Anyway, whats your figures of Search Engine Traffic
(figures below were taken from near 10,000 visitors)

92% Google
4% MSN
1% Yahoo – my yahoo rankings suck big time – not suprising since they rank the “month of may” in my forum calender as my main page for my main keywords lol hno:
1% Other

I guess with my stats i just hope google gain more market share(which they will continue to do for a while – no other search engine spends anywhere near the amount google spend on their Algo)

Although i hear some people do well on Yahoo ?

3 Answers
darko123 answered 2 years ago
also if yahoos new ppc software “panama” (i think thats what its called) which roles out next year doesnt work as well as expected, dont be suprised to see yahoo search powered by google.

aksana answered 2 years ago
the same with me.
I also receive the most my traffic from Google, 70-90%
MSN and Yahoo traffics are very small, but last month I got traffic from Yahoo ~25-30%, it was a suprise for me.

casinobonusguy answered 2 years ago
google is only 18% of my traffic.Most of mine is from Yahoo .