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Backlinks check

buzzman asked 1 year ago

I am looking for an online tool to check all my backlinks. I currently use backlinkwatch, yahoo site explorer and Google webmastertools. The problem is that the first 2 only show 1000 backlinks (my site has 1900) and webmastertools backlinks update very slowly.

Anybody knows a good alternative?

5 Answers
Gregger answered 1 year ago
Hey buzzman, from my experience, webmasters tools on google shows you backlinks that they found during a month when that months info goes live, which usually occurs in the next month. IE. August data shows up in complete on like September 10th.

So if your site is new or you have gotten 1900 links very quickly, they probably won’t show up until next month on google. There is a slight delay on yahoo as well, but not usually more than a few days. Did you put the setting to links pointing to anywhere in the domain, rather than just the home page?

webber286 answered 1 year ago
SEOmoz . org has some nice tools. The better tools like Linkscape you have to pay for, but they are quite good.

Gregger answered 1 year ago
Soooo expensive. $1,000 per year, but I guess if you’re at a level where you bring in $100,000 it won’t seem like much.

I really like the free tools though, so I’m sure the paid ones are awesome.

websolvent answered 1 year ago
you can use Web SEO that really good seo resource !

scottpolk answered 1 year ago
Free – nothing really that good, but paid … Syntryx has incredible data (