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Responsive Themes and Google Speed Alog

AussieDave asked 1 year ago
Hi all,

While most of us are now looking at responsive themes, allowing cross platform usability, Google throws yet another spanner in the works. Effectively if your site doesn’t load fast on a mobile, from what I read lately, you could be penalized.

That’s a truly frustrating paradox. On one hand, I believe web site users expect a depth of interactivity and site functionality. Which of course comes at a cost of page loading times. Albeit most punters who browse the web on a PC have high speed internet access. However, most mobile users are on a 3G network, which can vary greatly in performance.

Hence, while we can optimize PC accessed sites to keep our punters and Google happy, to me, it seems a different story with our mobile visitors.

It’s like expecting your road (sedan) car to go off-road. While it might handle a dirt road, put it up against a rocky terrain and you wont be going anywhere fast.

If the concerns of Google and their speed matrix doesn’t keep you up at night, then it’s only compounded further by where, what and who your hosting with.

Are you concerned about all of this?
And, what steps are you taking to server up optimized sites to both PC users and mobiles?

3 Answers
Michaela15 answered 1 year ago
Hey AussieDave! Great insight; this is definitely a topic we can explore and dig up some data on!

muffincrumbs answered 1 year ago
Yes Dave thanks for the great topic,

Great sites have a lot of functionality, are big with a lot of stuff… and they will penalize you for redirecting it to a mobile version of the same site unless you do it absolutely flawlessly (aka

I have said so many times before that the mobile is going to be so short lived, and everything will be app based soon, even wordpress. When this happens I will redesign my site, as it will look the same “mobile” or on your big screen TV.

Until then… I will simply use a very mobile friendly small site and market it separately. See my sig for more :kisser:

GamblingShares answered 1 year ago
about to redo a few of my sites to responsive themes

did most of my non gambling already and all new sites are built that way

just so hard to make time to chose some themes , get to know them and then reset up the sites