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anyone use

casinotime asked 1 year ago
so I have been using it in the past and sometimes to see how things are going.

I have noticed a trend lately following google updates and would like to know what you guys think.

I have checked various authority sites and many are tanking on the semrush graph!! literaly dropping like a stone.

The best test I can think of is if you have a site (big site) and know your traffic from google over the months, please check on semrush and post if you feel that the semrush report is fairly accurate or to be ignored….

I have also noticed in another niche that sites offering free services outrank actual merchants selling similar service. Also be noted that the new sites are domains with exact match keywords and new sites less than 6 months of age! Leads me to believe google finding ways to force merchants to join adwords.

8 Answers
casinotime answered 1 year ago
for example if I pick a site which I assume gets traffic

I see that traffic probably has completely… significantly dropped since google launched their penguin / panda updates in the past year.

Might not be accurate but pretty accurate on my sites.

casinotime answered 1 year ago
same applies to

allfreechips answered 1 year ago
yes the db is obviouslt screwed right now, LCB is dead in the water according to them lol

orbetting answered 1 year ago
its an interesting tool, i only use the trial verson for a bit of comp research, never pay too much attention to the traffic graphs as i dont think that they are so accurate. it is good for competitor research as well as keyword suggestions – not sure about the full version though

casinotime answered 1 year ago
i feel it is pretty good indication of a sites performance when used to compare another site. especially if you own the other site and know the real traffic.

Miky77 answered 1 year ago
SemRush is finally live updating (which imo means at least once per week:colgate so things are looking good there, the volume levels and kw results are pretty awesome so I think the tool is definitely better now after the sucky June/July period

allfreechips answered 1 year ago
when you go to live results with full detail on keywords it will tell you what day they pulled it from.

Irefutabilul answered 1 year ago
SemRush is good to be used as an indicator, but I wouldn’t say it’s 100& accurate. Just like any other tool in fact.