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Firefox vs. IE – Text size

kwblue asked 1 year ago
Hello all,

Maybe someone can help me out here. I am not sure what the problem is here, but… looks exactly how I want it in Firefox :happydanc

However, it looks like crap in IE :shooter:

The text appears to be at the root of the problem… It doesn’t appear to be using my stylesheets in IE. Any ideas? Is this a typical problem?



4 Answers
Jarvi answered 1 year ago
Not sure if this is anything but did you intend to have two stylesheets defined? I know there used to be a way of using one rather than the other to deal with IE vs Netscape so that’s what you might be trying.

Just thought I’d mention it in case you have overlooked it.

kwblue answered 1 year ago
Unfortunately, yes. I am using Mambo, so I have a stylesheet defined for the overall page… and a stylesheet defined for the module that I am displaying. It does suck, but that is what I ‘seem’ to have to do from what i can tell..

I didn’t see anything in the code window you displayed? If it is something that might help me out, please repeat.



Jarvi answered 1 year ago
The code was just the line from your source code with the two stylesheets defined but it looks like it was screwing with the stylesheet for the forum so I just deleted it from my original post.

cat answered 1 year ago
We have a similar problem with a site that looks fine in IE but has mistakes in firefox.
The programming is ok but the site looks not like it should be.

We write optimized for IE on the site.