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PR still jumping about

JohnV asked 1 year ago
The PR on my sites still seems to be jumping about. What is most surprising is that with 3 sites they seem to be mirroring each other. Two goes down and the other one at the same time goes up; then somewhat later they reverse and the one that went up goes down and the two that went down go back up to what they were before.


6 Answers
casinobonusguy answered 1 year ago
My pr has not moved in a week now.

Professor answered 1 year ago
Mine has at some sites. Other sites havent moved. I had one brand new that was only up a few weeks jump to PR2. Google is definitely bouncing around. CAPs PR has been fluctuating too for no apparent reason.

casinobonusguy answered 1 year ago
i had a website i only regsitered November 19 and made it to PR3 when this started in january. I cant believe one of my websites that is stuffed full of content is a pr2 and one that is almost empty is PR5 .Mine has been same in data centers a week but it had 2 weeks of constant juggling. My pr6 went to pr5 that hurt .I am hoping they come around and put it back to pr6

JohnV answered 1 year ago
Whats weird for me is the mirroring effect. I can understand it bouncing around, but that is just odd.

Greek39 answered 1 year ago
At this stage of the game I really don’t care what you believe or others. I will say it again this is not a regular PR update. Jagger is running along side 24/7. PR will fluctuate for the next four months. Jagger will be removing pages and putting them back on a regular basis or just plain removing them. Serps will drop so will your traffic, this is google’s way of ridding itself of webspam.

If you lack a full understanding of Jagger I would suggest reading up on it.

But hey what would I know about such things? Have fun and good luck. I would elaborate but unfortunatley nobody would understand me.

The mirroring effect is standard for this update.


casinobonusguy answered 1 year ago
To the people that actually work on their websites and dont just put on banners , this will be a good thing. Hopefully alot of the Blackhatters will be dropped from serps.I read about Jagger seems like a real long process.