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banner rotator for java banners

Trifonoff asked 2 years ago
Can somebody help me with script for rotator for banners in Netrefer format (java script) and Income access format..


So place the randomizer in the head, and write the results anywhere in the body.

Trifonoff answered 2 years ago
Hi allfreechips,

Could you please support me a just a little more... How can I put banner in the following format: "...script language="javascript" src=""> (standard Netrefer flash banner format).

I can easily put image format banners, but this js is not appearing properly..

Thanks in advance!

allfreechips answered 2 years ago
you should be able to place your html code inside this

[HTML] banners[0] = '';[/HTML]

replace [HTML][/HTML] with the code, note you would have to escape the singlw quotes or use double quotes inside.