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Monthly Earnings Poll

JeffBot asked 2 years ago
so i put it in a poll :angel:
18 Answers
gamblingguide answered 2 years ago
exactly true. There need to be some more options between 10K and 100M

rtb1980 answered 2 years ago
OK so I’ve only been at it for about 3 1/2 weeks now but I am getting about 80 hits a day and still have no sales My click through rates are only about 5% on my play for cash game ads and I have no clue about my casino ads

My goal is to earn at least $250/month and go upward from there.

If you wanna make a suggestion let me know please, I am still a newbie and advice is greatly appreciated….. is my URL..

Hopefully next month I will be able to post my earnings:1circling

Dominique answered 2 years ago
Things picked up nicely from the middle of the month, it’s a good month now.

Pokercartel, I know nothing about webdesign either. Never have and never will.

I figure I’ll do what I do best and leave others to do what they do best. Worked for me.

pokercartel answered 2 years ago
i assume the poll is not including cpa and is directly strictly to rev share… we have about a 50-50 rev share to cpa ratio and the cpa keeps us afloat while the rev share bounces around like a ping-pong ball in a chinese prison rec room (if they have rec rooms there that is)… we have only been up and running since january and i think we have done great, especially for only one site… we have a couple of other domain names and one additional website up, but it is difficult to get a lot going there since this is really a part time operation (i have a full time job) and i don’t know the difference between php and html (bit of a stretch but close)…

i have toyed with the idea of making this a full time operation since i am already making about the same on the site as i am in my job… i don’t think that $300 K a year is a stretch in this line of work and i would guess that a few of you that have been doing this a while are making that a month (could be wrong, but with what i have seen with our growth and the outrageous amount of traffic a few of the more prestigious sites are getting that has to be ballpark), i.e. pokerlistings, casino city, etc… helps us little guys keep the hope alive…

mystysue answered 2 years ago
Been a good month here.. Im still new at this but heck ive made it to the middle range lol..

i love the polls.. and all the info here..

Dominique answered 2 years ago
Thanks professor. :bigsmile:

Professor answered 2 years ago
Ok I added two more selections :wink-wink

fuze answered 2 years ago
JeffBot wrote:
well…crap…i had no idea some people were making millions of bucks a year of this stuff :happydanc …i just want to keep like 3-4 sites up and pull and extra 500-1000 per month…something like that shouldn’t be to hard…correct me if i’m wrong…of course if it was cake everyone would do it :toidy:

I do have a little bit of an advantage over most other newbies in that i know a lot about SEO…my other site is #1 on yahoo…but it has nothing to do with affiliate programs

Some of us are full-time webmasters…pretty hard to live in under $1000 per month in America. Though I will say I make more $ in other markets than I do with gambling.

Depending on your SEO ability, $500-1000 is not an unreachable goal…if your other site has nothing to do with affiliate programs, you should definitely read up on converting gambling traffic…not as simple as putting a few banners on a page. Also not as simple as just making a reviews page with “here are my favorite casinos and here are the bonuses”…there’s about a billion of those pages already.

The good news is that everything you need to learn is right here. Pick a niche, a favorite game, or a sports team (and do a bookie sorta thing)…and perfect it. Gambling is super-competitive…but that’s at a high level…it’s possible for a newbie to make some extra $ at this, the terms aren’t so difficult a newcomer can’t rank.

I’d also recommend you research sponsors a bit before you pick them…plays a pretty big role, you don’t want a place that just has a shnazzy webmaster area and judge them on that (not saying you would, but it’s a common mistake).

Edit: I just checked out what I believe is your site, poker bling. You may want to start with an easier niche than poker. Another tip I’d give you is not to *HEAVILY* stress bonuses just to get people to sign up…you want long-term whales not freebie-hunting bonus leechers.

Good luck <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Dominique answered 2 years ago
Yes, I agree, we do need a new poll periodically, the industry changes quite rapidly at times.

I looked for a way to edit the poll to include more categories because that gap is rather huge and a lot of the older posters her fall into that gap.

Perhaps admin can edit the poll? Or you, JeffBot?

JeffBot wrote:
…i just want to keep like 3-4 sites up and pull and extra 500-1000 per month…something like that shouldn’t be to hard…correct me if i’m wrong…of course if it was cake everyone would do it :toidy:

You should be able to achieve that, sure. You will still have to put some time into it, and the higher the quality your site, the better you will do in the long run.

kwblue answered 2 years ago
I agree.

I was sick of the old poll because it started so long ago. Nice to see a current poll.

It would be nice to see a current poll of the amount of websites people have as well.