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Bookmarked Traffic

LandofOz asked 1 year ago
What percentage of your site is bookmarked / type-in traffic? According to my stats report, about 67% of my traffic is via bookmarks and type-ins. What’s a good balance to have in terms of bookmarks versus search engine traffic?
11 Answers
VPGenius answered 1 year ago
I’m not sure what the best breakdown is. On the one hand, repeat visitors are good because they keep coming back and might help spread the word about your site.

On the other hand, new visitors from search engines and referrals are probably more likely to click on your links and sign up, whereas your repeat visitors probably already have an account at whatever casino(s) you promote.

I guess it boils down to what your goal is – visitor loyalty or lots of new signups? Of course everybody wants lots of money now, but I believe that the former can help you achieve the latter if you are patient.

heimdall answered 1 year ago
At the end of the day all traffic is good, whether its regular visitors or new people. The key is to offer them soemthing usefull and then hopefully they can make a good decision and sign up via you and then its kerching$$$$ <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Nandakishore answered 1 year ago
I think the ideal value would be 50-50 meaning your traffic is divided equally between old visitors and new ones coming through the search engine queries, which is IMHO very healthy.

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Anonymous answered 1 year ago
Hi all,

return traffic is gold IMHO. But its also encouraging to see new comers ……. as above mentioned …. all is good.

But I’d trade 3 new comers for one returning loyal surfer any day. I believe return traffic is loyal….. that you have somehow earned their trust …. and therefore even though they may not always sign up at every visit to a new casino ….. when they are ready to try one .. they will be choosing from your site.

itay answered 1 year ago
dont know the numbers from my past but Bookmarks are vrey good! meaning you give real value to the user.

WagerX answered 1 year ago
I tried posting on about ten of the leading bookmark sites.. low yield on that in terms of traffic goes.

I also tried adding the bookmark tools directly on the page so the reader could easily bookmark it on their own bookmarks.. nothing there..

I may not have “sticky” content. For those sites that do, bookmarking does add value.

ioc answered 1 year ago
about 3-5% is from bookmark or direct type in.

ceegreen answered 1 year ago
My main gambling website according to Google Analytics:

2,65 % direct (type ins)
8,65 % (referals)
88,70 % (seachengines)

Most of my visitors come to my website via Google.

allfreechips answered 1 year ago
60% bookmarks/direct 30% SE’s 10% misc

Return visitors are great but having a forum on the site skews those #s as of course people return to a forum if they participate.

Rob472 answered 1 year ago
I have about 23% direct. Thats mainly because I send traffic to my optin page and use an autoresponder to keep them coming back. Many players wont pick a casino the first time they visit the site so using the autoresponder to keep them coming back will drill my site into their head so when they are ready to sign up at a casino, they will hopefully choose one from my site.