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Microsoft launches Bing in the UK

Satya asked 2 years ago
Microsoft has officially launched Bing in the UK, but the release does not appear to have the same features seen in the US version.

Microsoft said today that Bing would help users to not only search, but also make more informed choices. Although the US version was launched some five months ago, leaving other nations waiting, Microsoft said that the time had been well spent as it carried out user research and behavioural analysis to provide a search and information site that was truly useful, locally.

Full article – Microsoft launches Bing in the UK – – formerly

What does this mean for the affiliates?

3 Answers
Poker Dude answered 2 years ago
I find Bing in the US to be quite erratic. I move all over the SERPs, for no apparent reason. I don’t have the time or patience to try and figure out why.

pokerseo answered 2 years ago
Bing UK now knows that when a user in UK types in football, they are looking for proper football (Soccer) rather than that rugby rip-off (American football)

This has got to be good for the user experience IMO.

ixian answered 2 years ago
pokerseo;212791 wrote:
rather than that rugby rip-off (American football)

LOL very funny. I luv it when they play the “World Series” American football.