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Widgets for SEO

pokerseo asked 1 year ago
Widgets are clearly a good way to go for getting links and traffic to your sites (as long as links in the widgets which you develop and deploy are relevant and not misused, you will be OK in regards to being “spammy”)

Just wondering if any of you fine affiliates have had any great successes using widgets? For some products / services , widgets will by readily stuck on people’s blogs etc, which all adds to potential traffic as well as SEO goodness.

Also, Can anyone recommend some free widget creation stuff for me to play with? I’m interested in simple syndication type widgets which can read XML feeds… It’s been forever since I dabbled with JavaScript. I know widgetbox offers a widget creation service, but it’s not free and I hate using third party software generally.. show me the code and let me hack!

2 Answers
AK answered 1 year ago
now that google follows javascript if You get time I was told you cant implement no follow code in the javascript itself. Do You know this code?

pokerseo answered 1 year ago
lol @ nofollowing the links.
yeh i got my widgets running when I stopped being lazy <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />