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Google vs Bing for keyword

itsblitz asked 1 year ago
hi, first post here, i have just designed 2 website for casino affiliating and they have been live for about 3 weeks, i am noticing that in google i only recieve good ranking when i search for all the words in my url’s but in Bing im getting top 10 results for keywords like “best slots” “best bonuses” “new casinos” and “new bonuses” i know that these are good keywords but im not recieving much traffic, hardly any from bing, any feedback would be greatly appreicated
my sites are (sorry if im not allowed to do this)
3 Answers
Dominique answered 1 year ago
It’s ok to put links to your sites in your signature.

Bing doesn’r send as much traffic as google. And it easier to rank there.

That you rank top 10 in Bing after such a short time is amazing.

3 weeks is no time at all in this industry. Give it some time…

Rak answered 1 year ago
bing does geotargeting of domains, to the country the search is being done.

localised searches plays a big part with bing.

so if you searched for the same terms while you in australia, you will probably find you won’t be in the top 10. (i just checked bing from australia.. and you don’t appear in the top 10 for those terms here)

I’d still want to trade with you! More gambling searches in the UK then in Australia.

itsblitz answered 1 year ago
thanks for the advice and info, really appreciated, i can see what your saying about the local searchs, iv seen a little increase in traffic from bing in the past 48hours, hopefully it will continue to pick up and grow from there