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March Mid Month Earnings – How’s Business?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysMarch Mid Month Earnings – How’s Business?
Professor asked 1 year ago
Ok Guys we are at the half way point for the month. How’s business?
20 Answers
NolanA answered 1 year ago
So far my traffic and income have grown every month. I hope it continues.

codename answered 1 year ago
My biz is still 95% North American driven. Deposits are way down. Very tough for customers to make deposits, they have to go through hoops to make a deposit. All traceable to the NETELLER situation. Even regular (non-neteller) ACH have been affected.

codename answered 1 year ago
I must add that it is also difficult to receive earnings from almost everyone! Even regular (non-neteller) ACH has been elimiated as an option.

answered 1 year ago
Worst month here for a long time. Signups and traffic are in fact up, but Rev is well down, and it’s not all big winners either. Some weird stuff going on.

Adam answered 1 year ago
Excellent – Strong sign ups and earnings (Over 35% increase). but online at my online bingo sites

Adam answered 1 year ago
I am going to need government assistance at this rate.

mak445 answered 1 year ago
be government cheese for us next month

bingoadvantage answered 1 year ago
I’d be curious to see a Mid May earnings poll… my earnings have dropped a bit in april after a really strong March showing.

Rob472 answered 1 year ago
Things have been picking up for me the past week. Looks like I might finish strong.

pearlgaming answered 1 year ago
We are seeing about a 65% growth, so no complaints here