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Can Anyone Help Me To Understand? PHP, CMS, MYSQL

Bonusgeek asked 1 year ago
I am slowly working on my mega site. One of my goals is to be able to change information across the board with ease, instead of having to go to every page such information is on and change it manually. Such as when a casino changes its promo to 200% instead of 100%. The problem I have is I know nothing about php, mysql databases, or cms systems. So I am unclear as to what to research. I would imagine it would have something to do with databases, but would that mean my whole site needs to be php, or can I just have static html pages, yet pull a few fields from a database, such as current bonus offers. I hope this is clear, the more I write the more I dummy up. Thanks in advance.
2 Answers
TheGooner answered 1 year ago
You are correct in most of what you have said.

To dynamically change things the best mechanism is to have key elements of data in a database – and MYSQL is a good choice.

Then your website could be mainly static HTML – with just small snippets of PHP code to call small elements of data from the database.

As you grow more confident with PHP and MYSQL you would soon find that you are using more and more PHP rather than static HTML.

Unfortunately, making the jump from HTML to PHP and MYSQL takes a bit of time to master and seems like a poor payback early on. But you’ll soon be pleased that you did make the move.

Bonusgeek answered 1 year ago
After reading just a little on mysql, I can already see the value in learning it along with php. There is no doubt this will save a ton of time for me when maintaining a large website. I am excited about moving to the next level in my webmaster skills, thanks for the insight Paul.