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Links From Non-Indexed Pages

Gregger asked 1 year ago
I was checking some back links yesterday and I noticed that a few I was excited about weren’t showing up in Google webmaster’s tools. Then I thought, oh crap, if that page isn’t indexed then my link won’t be known.

The page is new and probably won’t be worth much, but the domain is old and respected. So I thought that maybe I needed to help get that page indexed so that it would get crawled and my link would get followed. Is this something anyone else has run into before?

4 Answers
scottpolk answered 1 year ago
I would honestly check Yahoo Site Explorer – Google doesn’t always show you the backlinks it is aware of.

If you are concerned the page is not indexed, then just simply do a check for the page in Google’s index using the site command – site:

The page will still pass Link Equity even if it is new. We really look at the number of clicks it takes to get from the home page to the page as one of the factors in valuing a link. if it is 3 or less clicks, it will pass a good amount of equity .. the further away it appears to diminish.

If the page is not indexed, then you can always stimulate a crawl to the page from another site by linking to it from a page that is crawled daily – I would use a different site than the one linking to it and remove the link once it has been indexed. More than likely you will find this may not be necessary, because of the authority of the linking domain and will simply occur naturally … which is the best way

~ scott polk

Gregger answered 1 year ago
I like the way you describe that link value theory. I have gotten links before from pages that were accessible within 1 click of the home page and even though that page had no PR, it seemed to help a lot. I think if more people shifted focus from PR to accessibility of link, we would be better off. Of course, if people keep getting hung up on PR, it will allow for some easy pickings for the rest of us.

webber286 answered 1 year ago
This is definitely a strategy that can help if you find some backlinks on pages that aren’t indexed, it’s time consuming, but if the domain is valuable then it is well worth it. We require cached Google pages up-front for our link partnerships and always check that our backlink is on on a Google indexed page by searching for “”

scottpolk answered 1 year ago
when the page is indexed it will be worth something. SEO is a long-term strategy and needs to be looked at from that perspective .. if not you will always be chasing the algo … what a waste of time and energy