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Let’s talk about link popularity again

cat asked 2 years ago
My sites cannot compete having 200 links pointing to them against sites having 1000s of links to them.

It’s not only about the quantity, it’s about quality isn’ it?

What are the best ways to improve it?
I feel like a newbie again.

3 Answers
kwblue answered 2 years ago
I feel your pain. I would have no idea how to even keep track of that many links <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> That is just too many to check for recip and too many to purchase at once. Afraid I can’t help, but certainly understand the frustration.

Dominique answered 2 years ago
Well, I guess I am doomed to say this over and over again:

No way do I have more than a few hundred legitimate links pointing in.

The rest is blackhat crap and harmful, not useful.

Quantity of links is irrelevant and can hurt.

Quality matters.

And no, there is no way to control who links to you and google knows that. But you do have to control who you link to.

webber286 answered 2 years ago
The answer lies somewhere in-between quality and quantity. With a hyper competitive industry like online gambling, the reality is that you do have to have a substantial number of links, but if you can get 1 high quality link, it could have more power than 100 garbage links (this is just a generic example).

The problem is that the search engines don’t give you the exact detail of what you should be doing, so plenty of sites are going all out to gain as many backlinks as possible, while others are only looking at strategic link placements (ie: high quality). Not to say that either strategy is right or wrong, but the point is that somewhere in the middle is where the importance lies for the search engines. If anyone ever figures out the true formula, they will be rich.