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SEOmoz- Any insight?

JillO asked 2 years ago
Wanted to get feedback on SEOmoz. The software claims to to do quite a bit for your site’s SEO such as analyze links & track performance stats. identify issues that could hurt your site’s SEO value and automatically monitor changes in your site’s rankings & make changes.

A product review for SEOmoz was released in the blog today: SEOmoz Product Review

Just wanted to know if anyone has hands-on experience with SEOmoz and would be willing to share info.

4 Answers
GFPC answered 2 years ago
I have limited use of it – but i can tell you its a must have! I plan on getting it and paying the fee over the next couple of weeks. I also love SEMRUSH. There is another program I am buying this week but i will keep it secret for now.. hahaha

It apparently can do wonders for your CLICK through and bounce rates!!! Will update after i have used it for a month. Very costly though.

Rak answered 2 years ago
I’ve heard of SEOMoz, but with the amount of tools a guy has to purhcase, and pay monthly subscriptions from – theres only so many tools you can afford in your toolbox.

At the moment my costs for tools + content + hosting is about $600. Not much really, but I am wary to add more tools to the toolbox which dont get the attention the deserve.

casdirss answered 2 years ago
I subscribed to seomoz a few months ago, and I thought it was really good. There are so many helpful tools and articles, and you can even ask personal SEO questions. The only downside is that its a bit expensive to join. Its definitely worth it if you can afford the membership fees.

JillO answered 2 years ago
Thanks for the feedback <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

For those who are set-up on SEOmoz, what do you feel are the most beneficial features that you’re using?