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Keeping it "Ethical"

Nathan asked 1 year ago
What are your thoughts on “ethical” SEO (read the article here)? Do you try to be as honest and old-fashioned as possible in your SEO practices? Or do you take an anything-goes approach, knowing that only the more ruthless marketers make it to the top of the list?
3 Answers
ixian answered 1 year ago
I try and do honest, ethical seo work on my sites, but that certainly does not mean that I am old fashioned. Is being ethical old fashioned in your eyes?

Dominique answered 1 year ago
Anything goes is a fleetingly successful approach. Google catches up with you.

Some are happy with this.

Others are focussed on long term stability, and ethical SEO wins out in that department.

Nathan answered 1 year ago
“Old-fashioned” is probably a poor choice of words. I didn’t mean to equate “ethical” marketing practices with being old-fashioned, exactly; I meant that harsher, more ruthless and “unethical” SEO practices are a relatively recent development — at least, on the large scale we’re seeing today.