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Anyone using Canonical tags?

cardscrazy asked 1 year ago
anyone using canonical tags on their sites? Have you seen any benefit from it, or has google discounted these with their recent updates?
2 Answers
chillmarra answered 1 year ago

Yes, we had resolved for this site canonical issue ” sunsetvalleydr ( . ) com ” From the Google point of view they are treated this issue as the major issue for the site rankings, because unless this their duplicate sites would be treated on the different search engines, like as this
” sunsetvalleydr ( . ) com / index ( . ) html ” and ” sunsetvalleydr ( . ) com “. If you put it on the browser with ” www ” then it will show you the exact URL but after deleting the front URL ” www ” and opened this one ” sunsetvalleydr ( . ) com “, then you know that the URL is going to be solved the canonical one.


Arjun answered 1 year ago
Canonical tags are used when you have more than one page on your site which display similar content.

Say for example if you have a directory on your site where users can sort listings, and the results load on the same page using javascript/ajax, but the only thing that is different in the pages are the listings that display. if you use a canonical tag, it would indicate to google that the page which the canonical tag is pointing to is the one that should get indexed and ranked, and it helps you avoid duplicate content.

Here’s some more info: About rel=”canonical” – Webmaster Tools Help

Great to use to avoid duplicate content