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Site promotion tips for all of us

fancywoods asked 3 years ago
Dear sirs:
I am so Glad to see you all here…:cheers:
My new website 56casino is launching newly but there are still a lot of blind sides and weakness inside of the content, graphic, and promotion…

Right now,
1-i am trying to do the promotion of this site, is there any good way for it or anybody can give me some resources for it.

2- it’s there any one who can provide casino articles support, please PM me…

3- i am also seeking for affiliate cooperation, somebody help me?

4- Dear Veterans!!! please give me your advice for my draft site- 56casino .

5- Free advertising for all of your games of sites in my site!!!

I am sure your replies will do good to many people just like me, we can enjoy our casino gaming fun and some other beneficial cooperations. :clapper: