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If / When the Bill is signed on Friday

john1124 asked 1 year ago
Will you be removing your Affiliate banners at once?
11 Answers
slotplayer answered 1 year ago
I’m already removing some and adding others.

one2 answered 1 year ago
I am just changing some links around due to some casinos no longer accepting us players. As far as the law, I say fuck the government. I will do what I have to do to avoid detection, but im not going to lay down my rights.

elgoog answered 1 year ago
of course only us-members vote

allfreechips answered 1 year ago
make sure you request me when you get a jury trial as ill look you guys up as well <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

cagney12 answered 1 year ago
I’m not removing banners, I target Canadian traffic….lol… I will put a disclaimer up and the vote democrat banner though for our US visitors.

LandofOz answered 1 year ago
Is this poll mostly for U.S based affiliates?

jdguiles answered 1 year ago
arkOrange”>Perhaps a link that says us citezens click here And direct them to the video i saw where the internet is made up of a series of tubes…


codename answered 1 year ago
for me and my sites, it will be business as usual. that will be a BOON to business with a lot of top affilaites dropping out of the US market.

geoffvro answered 1 year ago
Absolutely Not

aleph answered 1 year ago
Absolutely compliant.

I don’t want to be a ” Certified ” criminal.