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What’s the average revenue after 6 months in the business?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysWhat’s the average revenue after 6 months in the business?
luminous88 asked 3 years ago
I’ve been an affiliate for just over 6 months, and my earnings thus far have been on average $500 a month. I’m wondering if i’m alone…

This is kind of a collective effort, so it would be great if you could answer honestly about how much you earned after 6 months of affiliating.

Realistically speaking, what were you at? Am I on the right track to turn this into a full-time gig?

13 Answers
alexpratt answered 3 years ago
In my first six months I earn zilch! Made loads of mistakes and did everything wrong…$500 isn’t going to make you rich but its teh right direction…..Over the years I have learnt one thing, stick at it, listen and apply everything you learn, before long you will be rewarded

webber286 answered 3 years ago
About $500 per month is exactly where we were at in the 3-6 month range. That was in 2005, and things are tougher now, so I would say you are on the right track.

cardscrazy answered 3 years ago
i was below $500 but things started picking up closer to the year mark and i’m doin well now

Rak answered 3 years ago
About $500 a month is right.
As you send more and more players to casinos, your monthly revenue should increase.

But don’t forget that players don’t stay forever at one casino, they do stop playing! So its important to keep getting new players.

If you have a quiet month, sure you can fall back on the player you got in previous months, but the quiet month will effect you in the future.

CasinoBonanza answered 3 years ago
I made nothing in my first 6 months, so well done for making $500

Keep at it and you should do well

HenrikG answered 3 years ago
From an operator point of view that might be a bit strange since many affiliates spend quite a lot of time working on their site before they start promoting a wide variety of brands. So there is probably a lot of work done before they join a program.

But if you have a steady income of €500 after 5-6 months at least that show you are on the right way.

Even if you are lucky getting one player making some money one day the goal should be to have some consistency and getting a steady pay check.

Also when you are now making €500 a month, check how those players where converting, for what product and what campaign that made them sign up or made them do their first deposit.

Keep up the good work, and soon another 0 should be added to your paycheck <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Webzcas answered 3 years ago
I didn’t start making any money until about 10 months in. But that was probably down to the first two designs of OCR. LOL LOL LOL



It wasn’t until we rolled out this design below about 10 months in, in addition to starting to get good organic traffic that we started to earn.


We are now on this design below, but it is two years old now, so I probably will get it updated at some point this year. It is great though, looking back and seeing how your sites have changed and grown over time.


If you are earning $500 a month, 6 months in, you are doing really well IMO.

Onwards and upwards now as well <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

bonustreak answered 3 years ago
Took about a year to start making what I call decent money:Nod:

nielsenj answered 3 years ago
If you are having a stable and substantial income after only 6 months in the business, then you are definately doing something right. After 6 month I had close to zero income and it took at least 12 months before I started making a decent profit.

denpubl answered 3 years ago
After 13 years in this business, and going from over 10K per month, to next to zip. I can’t even keep it clear who’s in business and who folded!:Cry: