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.htaccess redirection?

misterDH asked 3 years ago
Anybody knows the code for .htaccess redirection?

And is it reliable?

I am thinking of making links like:

or is it better and more reliable to make regular redirecting?

3 Answers
Tristan answered 3 years ago
I’ve used it on plenty of my sites and it’s a great method.
Can be a bit of a pain to track clicks, although you can just watch the particular dir/file you’re redirecting from.

Hope it helps.

occ answered 3 years ago
You can use this to redirect in .htaccess:

redirect 301 /casinolink/old.htm [/CODE]

A 301 redirect is more SEO friendly.[CODE]redirect 301 /casinolink/old.htm [/CODE]

A 301 redirect is more SEO friendly.

misterDH answered 3 years ago
I dont need it to be SEO friendly… because I am only redirecting to poker rooms.. or do I?