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Automated Blogger Script?

Professor asked 2 years ago
Is anyone aware of any automated Blogger/guest book spider scripts online? I am certain they exist and are being used to inflate links by a number of sites (mostly casino run sites, but several affiliates I know of are doing it too). I am curious to see how this script works and to evaluate it on a few sites Google dropped anyway.

Hey if they are going to drop us with Florida and Austin why not?

22 Answers
Kevin11 answered 2 years ago
Joeyl – All is good, no worries!

Professer, did you ever find a decent blogger script?

Chips For Free answered 2 years ago
I have no idea what you guys are talking about …lol
but if yuo are looking for a good new webhost, that’s cheap, and offers unlimited, databases, SMTP email accounts, bandwidth etc for under $10 a month…..AND that has a thing called “Fantastico” with about 20-25 REALLY helpful scripts that the control panel preinstalls itself including 5-10 blogger scripts:

Everyones Web Host

Anonymous answered 2 years ago
Yes, that makes sense. A different page per topic. I was under the impression that they were one page, all spam.


Kevin11 answered 2 years ago
Hi Fergie! Too Funny <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

I’m curious; to what advantage is it to the website to have these guestbooks / blogs?

Okay, here’s my take on things. In most cases there is no advantage to the average site using it except to build a sense of community, much like the fine community the Prof has built here… thought you’de like that Professor.

But, from a strategic web marketers point of view it can go much deeper I think if used correctly.

Blogs especially get spammed alot by people who tend to add alot of “on-topic” comments in order to build backlinks. Depending on which software the blog runs on, a new page is created for each comment. So what if your blog had a .php include file on the bottom of each new page, and what if that .php include file contained links back to your own sites???

Get my drift?

In theory, you could be using the blog spammers efforts to better your own backlinks and thus your own rankings.

Does it work or make sense? You be the judge, I have my own ideas and I’ve probably said enough… <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Anonymous answered 2 years ago
Just to add a little detail – the name you choose when filling out the form becomes the link to your url.

I wonder what the advantage is to the blog sites, too.

Anonymous answered 2 years ago
thank you Kevin for taking time to explain this to me.

I’m curious; to what advantage is it to the website to have these guestbooks / blogs?

as I understand it; there is no trading of links, merely a one-way deal.

Why would anyone have this option on their site? wouldn’t it take away from the website to have this?

thanks again for your reply.


Kevin11 answered 2 years ago

Oh, don’t use html in the comment box or you’ll get blacklisted. lol

Hmmmm… I’ve heard this before but I’ve seen tons of sites who do this and are looking good in Inktomi at least. Not sure where the blacklisting comes into play???

can somebody explain all this to us dummies?

Simple, you can go around and insert comments into blogs, guestbooks etc. with a link back to your site. If you insert HTML into the comments section, you can add multiple links back to your sites with keyword rich anchor text.

Why do this? Backlinks pay a huge role in getting your site listed high in the Search Engines.

Manually this is a tedious process, but I think it probably works quite well if you dont mind off-topic back links. Do searches for fairly competitive keywords (Inktomi specifically), then check the high ranking sites backlinks and you will see a lot of guestbook and blog links.

I too have heard of automated scripts that do this process for you, but have yet to uncover a good one. Also, many blogs and guestbooks now require that you enter a validation key before the post is added.

From what I’ve seen, some high ranking sites have literally hundreds of blog and guestbook backlinks and somewhat poor on-page SEO so I’m thinking it must be a somewhat effective means of getting a site ranking higher.

This is considered spam by many, but what is spam really? Is it unsolicited? Not if done right. Many sites invite you to sign their guestbooks and allow a link. So, if done respectfully I see no huge problem with it.

The bottom line is, everything online marketers do is aimed at getting an “edge” or working the angles on parameteres set by others. If you do it well, and within the set parameters then why should people bitch?

I’m neither for or against it, but it is a viable option to build backlinks.

Sorry for rambling on, I got carried away <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Anonymous answered 2 years ago
can somebody explain all this to us dummies?

what I have taken from it so far is that it is a good idea to go to someone else’s sites (or maybe more of your own; please tell me?)

and to sign the guest book and …. I take there is a comment box next to where you sign the guest book (I’ve never done any of this; always wondered why the hell anybody would bother?) but I take it you should add into the comment box your site’s address?

and from that; I take it this blog script; will either go around and automatically enter your info into multiple guest books/comment boxes; or else fake it and make it look like that was done; to the SEs.

thanks in advance for your reply.


remco answered 2 years ago
I had a brandnew domain going from pr0 to pr4 just by signing 3 blogs/guestbooks so i’d be very interrested in a blogger script.

Oh, don’t use html in the comment box or you’ll get blacklisted. lol

Kevin11 answered 2 years ago
Got your drift and them some…

I guess all affs work stupid hours, I havent been to bed in 2.5 days. One cat nap yesterday and thats it.

Too many sites and too many projects…