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The ways of soft development for SEO optimisators

MRengineer asked 1 year ago
Many webmasters use different programs for site analyzing, which allow to save time. Different toolbars and browser extensions can be included in the program’s class of its own.
Many of you have already seen our product Seoquake. You can see forums and news here:
Now we are working hard at project development, and we would be glad to listen to the webmaster audience’s opinion about what you need in everyday life. That’s why we ask you to take part in our opinion poll.

1.Creating of the same application for IE
2.Creating of the same application for Opera
3.Development and upgrading of the present extension for FF

All your wishes will be taken into account, and according to the poll’s results we will correct our actions in such way our users feel most comfortable.
P.S. If you vote for №4, explain, please, in details what ever you would like to see.

There is a couple of screenshot for those who didn’t work with such programs:
Estimate of site parameters:


Estimate of site parameters in SERP:


Your opinion will be also very interesting.