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How’s October Going

AmCan asked 2 years ago
With the market panic and all, i’m wondering what people are seeing? Things are slower for me, fewer signups
14 Answers
TheGooner answered 2 years ago
Bigger and better in every way.

Dominique answered 2 years ago
Same as always.

bonustreak answered 2 years ago
Average, although I notice players are cashing out more now then playing it back as they usually do..

ALEX777 answered 2 years ago
Getting Average Revs but not getting many new players <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

WagerX answered 2 years ago
This month I’ve increased the amount of mew players, but the revenue is lackluster.
But still.. all smiles <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

thisisvegas answered 2 years ago
getting more players but that is promotional related (500% for new players in October). If I take that out of the equation then I would say things would be average for acquisitions but revenues are still climbing as usual.

skinski answered 2 years ago
About the same as last couple months .

answered 2 years ago
Should add another option: Getting boatloads (100s) of new players and not one single deposit.

AmCan answered 2 years ago
Well ’52,
If you’re working with a reputable casino, you’re doing great, in the long run.

Once the customer download the software on their machine you’ve already won. Over time download become installs, which become guests and some guests will eventually convert. I still get an occasional first time deposit at Party Poker from an ad campaign that ended years ago.

So i’d definitely take the “Glass Half Full” outlook, since i think you’ll be rewarded with money down the road.

Dendrite answered 2 years ago
Not many new players depositing, but the few that did have deposited quite a bit

So, revenues up this month, so far