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Video Showcase of Videos – Alternative to Jomtube

luckystrike asked 3 years ago
Guys, I’m looking to create a video showcase of youtube videos in my CMS which is mainly based on wordpress. In the past I had used jomtube which worked great until I realised that this software is basically defunct as no one keeps updating it.

Is there a wordpress equivalent of jomtube that offers me the same flexibility and is continually being improved/serviced? Perhaps show me some examples of sites using it? :lookaroun

If there are any really good joomla ones please let me know as well. Please help – I’ve already done a big blunder in the past by going for jomtube so I’d like to avoid doing similar mistakes. And for anyone thinking of – stay well clear – it is a scam – the software hasn’t been updated for years and the owner doesn’t even reply to support e-mails.