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How do you remove bad links?

lowrisk asked 2 years ago
Hi guys

Firstly I must say I am sorry if this question has already been asked, however I was wondering, if you have a real bad quality link, perhaps an old one that you need rid of. How is the best way to remove them? This is of course assuming, that you cannot request removal, or remove it by logging it and deleting it etc. I am trying to refresh some of my sites, by removing two or three toxic links, and replacing them with good quality ones.

9 Answers
LandofOz answered 2 years ago
If you’re unable to remove bad inbound links, you can always try to dilute their negative impact by increasing the number of quality inbound links. That seems to work.

GamblingShares answered 2 years ago
I would NOT even try he Google disavow tool. It will do more harm then any good

as LandofOz stated dilute that bad link !

lowrisk answered 2 years ago
Yeah, I aint gonna touch the disavow tool, don’t think anybody is to be honest. I have been getting rid of some old crap links, from real low quality directories, and replacing them with new good quality ones. Seems to be working out so far

tded69 answered 2 years ago
if you can delete bad link. You need quality links to your website and more.

tded69 answered 2 years ago
if you can delete bad link. You need quality links to your website

mikelitson answered 2 years ago
Check out Rmoov, it will make the whole painful process much easier.

It’ll basically spam the webmasters for you <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

anjalikukreti answered 2 years ago
Do you want to remove your Bad link

Nytro answered 2 years ago
You can use the disavow tool to remove the link, contact the webmaster of the site where your link is positioned, or try to dilute the links by adding quality links to your site. I’d probably try to dilute the link by adding more quality links, but if you have hundreds or thousands of links to remove, then I’d use the tool.

whs-web answered 2 years ago
What is wrong with the Disavow tool?
You seem to be spitting it out like it is a hot Trinidad Scorpion (hottest chilli)
Can some of you above tell me why you reason like that?
Did you have bad experience with it? If so, what? If not then how come you say it’s bad?