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Google Page Rank update and penalty removal

Marcelo asked 1 year ago
To increase our anxiety :crazy: over google updates, especially if you have seen a drop on toolbar PR of some of your sites:

Matt Cutts from Google announced yesterday that they are updating their Toolbar Page Rank and will be “expiring some older penalties on websites”.

This will happen in a few days, according to him.

You can get, but not much more information about it than the above.

14 Answers
Nathan answered 1 year ago
And the earth shakes!

Great news, to be sure. But really just a teaser at this point … very intriguing news leak by Mr. Cutts, and it’s amusing how just a two-sentence blog post is generating all this speculation. Hopefully the updates will be apparent soon.

bradz21 answered 1 year ago
Yeah I’m curious to see if it really happens as well. Although it has been a while since the last update. Just have to wait and see i guess….


elgoog answered 1 year ago
“Add this line to your hosts file to see it in your toolbar
Remember to close and restart all browsers after you have added or removed the line. “

answered 1 year ago
@andrewxr 169901 wrote:

Try this tools:

This one works, but it seems it doesn’t matter anymore as the toolbar has already updated. All my sites increased in PR this update! Looks like CAP is PR5 as well.

playcasino1 answered 1 year ago
YAY! My site has been updated!!

Seomaster answered 1 year ago
I was working on one of the websites of my client which was being penalized by google. I am happy that it got released from google hell. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Good Luck,

Bonus Paradise answered 1 year ago
yeah yippie
our new forum got its 1st pagerank 3/10
I am really happy
and its great to hear that google is taking off some of the penalties
just would like to know which ones
and what exactly changes now

Wish you all the best
hope many of us will benefit from changes at google


Rob472 answered 1 year ago
I usually avoid pr update threads because toolbar pr is useless but here is a link to the discussion on matt cutts blog

ioc answered 1 year ago
my PR of the site dropped from PR 3 to PR2 without any reason.