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Traditional Link Exchange vs. 3-way link exchange

Arjun asked 2 years ago
In the light of recent panda/penguin updates, are 3 way link exchanges even effective? Seems like they might cause more problems than anything. Thoughts?
4 Answers
GamblingShares answered 2 years ago
I would never do a link exchange as it is mostly against The Big G’s rules and guidelines !

But in theory a 3 way would be safest if you know all involved

FPForum answered 2 years ago
I think 3-Way is the best way to go these days. Although I wouldn’t decide my link exchanges based on Pagerank anymore, they can still help. However, I think its better to use websites like Ahrefs now to make sure you’ll be getting juice from a decent website.

Jermewy answered 2 years ago
Oh.. posted here my answe, but I see it`s an outdated topic.. and there are new algorithms to come in soon.

gamblingdomainsio answered 2 years ago
better than no links but exchanges are considered poor