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Google Update called Jagger

Professor asked 2 years ago
Heres another article from WebPro News about the Google Update:

Yes, it’s a for-real, honest to goodness update going on at Google, and Matt Cutts wants you to contact Google if you have feedback about it

Update Jagger is ongoing at Google, and Cutts has confirmed that it is happening. Got thoughts on the update? Let Google know, Cutts writes:

“I especially want to hear about webspam that you see in Google. The best place to do that is to go here. In the “Additional details:” section, I would use the keyword “jagger1”; (that’s “jagger” and the number one with no spaces in between).”

Commentors on Cutts’ blog don’t seem to think Google has done much with the spam reports that have been submitted. “Are you telling us now that the folks at Googel (sic) Search Quality Team will pay much attention to “jagger1″; spam reports?” poster Harith asked.

And what exactly constitutes spam, Andrew from BigMouthMedia asked: “I’m looking at a site which does not need JavaScript in any shape or form and yet has a large noscript area with keyword stuffed, h2 text and plenty of links in there too. It’s clearly a SEO attempt but is it spam on the scale that you care about?”

For those of you who, ahem, *inadvertently* had hidden links or text on your site recently and are completely shocked that your site has fallen out of the index, Cutts recommends making a reinclusion request, and has written suggestions on doing so.

“Note that a reinclusion request won’t make much difference if our algorithms/scoring are what is affecting your site though,” he posted.

Cutts also wrote that Google wants to know if AdSense blocks appear on spammy sites; users can click on the Ads By Goooooogle link to send feedback, and should include spamreport and jagger1 in the comments field.

Feedback about updates should be a two-way street, search expert Danny Sullivan contends, as he posts how some advance notice from the search engines would be appreciated:

I love that we’re getting weather reports from Google, Yahoo and others now, but we need them issued ahead of time.

It’s like standing outside in the rain then deciding to tune in your radio to a weather forecast to see if it’s raining. Of course it’s raining — you can feel the drops.

1 Answers
Dominique answered 2 years ago
That’s very encouraging.