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google trends tool

online18casino asked 2 years ago
okay I have been trying to find some good “long tail keywords” for my site. But im not really sure the google trends tool is helping that much. Unless its an extreamly popular keyword that I cant get a #1 spot for right now, there is no data. First, does no data mean its a bad key phrase to use (like no one searches for it)?

and 2ed, is there some other tool… that may be better that people are using?

I have and and cant find any good key phreases to rank very well with…


I just found the link with the Google Keyword Phrase Analysis tool. When I search the terms “Online Casino” one of the “online casinos usa” it says “37500000 Competing Pages” BUT at the bottom it says:”Our keyword phrase analysis tool helps you target the most popular terms people are actually searching for at Google. “

I am not to far from the top, for this keyword, but on google triends this does not really show up. My question is, how well do these tools really work?