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Spam Recognition Guide – leaked from Google

Engineer asked 3 years ago
In this week’s Sitepoint newsletter, there is a link to something very interesting — a leaked copy of Google’s “Spam Recognition Guide for Raters.”

This is a fascinating read if you have the time. I was especially interested in the travel affiliate information near the end, since I may be launching a travel site soon.

Anyway, here is the leaked Google document.

3 Answers
Randy answered 3 years ago
This is a good document, because it tells you how the engineers at the search engines “think”. Important and very relevant.

mobilebadboy answered 3 years ago
Guess I better stop putting my travel section expansion off.

As well as everything else I’ve been puting off, lol.

answered 3 years ago
The other day i went for a meeting with someone on an unrelated business.

I mentioned i did affiliate stuff in my “spare time” and they raised their eyes to the ceiling and said “you’re the bain of life. Everytime i want something in Google I have to wade through pages of crap advertising pages to find what i want”.

I thought, coming from a relatively un-techy person who wouldn’t know SEO if it fell on his head, that was quite interesting and maybe an indication of where we’re headed.