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Google Update?

Engineer asked 1 year ago
Has anyone else noticed unusual Google activity this week?

As of right now, the toolbar is gray wherever I go. Also, the Cached Page Server wasn’t working earlier today.

A few days ago, some old pages that I had 301-redirected to new URLs showed up in the index again. The old pages showed up in addition to the new pages, and this has inflated my indexed page count to 104 pages. But now, only the URL of the old page is listed in the serps — no title or description (most likely because the redirect script has taken the place of the content that used to be there). The new pages are still showing their title and description.

I wonder what’s going on? Perhaps another PR update? Toolbar maintenance?

2 Answers
Randy answered 1 year ago
Brett Tabke over at WebmasterWorld thinks that this is probably just a temporary maintenance issue. Line of thought is that if they were permanently eliminating the feature from the toolbar it would just be removed from the toolbar.

Dominique answered 1 year ago
I have noticed google spider stopping by a lot less frequently this month. However, all new pages have been properly indexed.