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The way into Yahoo:

Tarzan asked 2 years ago
I am not understanding why I cannot get listed in Yahoo. I guess I’m not paying attention. I have a huge site that does very well in Google (prefer to remain private for now)

If someone has the trick to get into the listings, I’ll PAY or trade or something – I don’t want all the tricks, I’m saying some ‘crappy’ :hithead: sites out there are out ranking me on my own name (and its fairly unique) … anyway have the answers? I mean if I could just be listed under my title / domain name I’d be happy.

postem or pm them answers to me and we’ll work something out.

I’d gladly pay to get the listing in the directory (or even TRY) but the cost per click shit is completely ridiculous as I don’t sell or affiliate directly with the casinos… I do indirectly display a few online gambilng banners, but it’s not a portal for online casinos or a casino itself so .15 per click doesn’t work out for me.