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Best Opening Offer, Ever?

MarvynH asked 1 year ago
Hey all;

I’d like to get an opinion from everyone (whether you’re an affiliate of Fortune’s or not) as to what was/is the most successful or innovative opening offer by any casino.

Especially in terms of what worked best for you as an affiliate – it could be what made you the most money or what brought in the most number of players.

Along these lines – what type of new opening offer would you like to see a casino using?

3 Answers
casinocrush answered 1 year ago
Hey Marvyn,

Wow this is a tricky one but well I do remember getting a LOAD of signups before when the specific slot free spins (like 20 free spins on …. slot) thing was going on … I earn pretty good from them generally – power of numbers though most likely… more signups – more potential depositors ..

I’m not a massive fan of Non Deposit sign-up offers really – the free spins things where they must deposit to claim the bonus is fair and good though.

I think these days with so many quality forums out there – players are very ‘savvy’ on bonus terms and most will read up on deposit bonus terms (which of course if fair enough) so it has to be something competitive when they are looking to acquire the players in the first place..

Of course there’s always the what I’d think of as ‘true players’ who’s real main aim is to get the most play for their money – and if they win BIG then great – they will cash out and I’m sure come back.

For first deposit bonuses I found on a couple of programs the 400% (Buy 50 get 200 free for example) seemed to work well (despite the fair but high play-thru requirements), but also – as there have not been so many of these compared to 50-200% offers – all have worked fairly well – it’s just the 400% ones I often noticed more activity ..

Of course the thing to consider really is whether you’re just going for ‘new acquisitions’ (which I’m sure is a factor you as an aff manager are rated by), or good quality, repeat depositors.. and for repeat depositors.. which for us ‘rev share’ types.. (which I believe is all fair to the casino operators and us affiliates – we make money if they do etc).. then a reasonable sign-up bonus with regular bonuses seems to work well…

As a player myself I like the weekly promos (with the bonus account bit) – give me a bit of extra play but IF I win big I can still cash-out and lose the bonus bit if I choose to..

A good happy all-rounder I reckon would be 200% signup bonus + weekly bonuses (you could offer 20-50% on certain days of the week – 20% Mondays, 30% Tuesdays, 50% Thursdays).. perhaps – and see over a couple of months when you get the most <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Not maybe the answer you wanted cos, well for me there isn’t a specific one that worked so much better than others, but to keep the players (which is what I believe makes more money for the casinos and rev-share affiliates) – the ongoing option is better.. (or to be more ‘customer focussed’ – let them choose and claim even?) .. You could vary them and only offer the appropriate to what the casino considers appropriate.. (customised for various groups of players on some sort of criteria)..

I’m done babbling for now – hope it helps lol..


GamTrak answered 1 year ago
Hi Marvyn,

I don’t really have a suggestion for the “best offer ever”, but I did want to ask you a question. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> Is it possible to not accept a player bonus or is it always automatic?

I have to admit that I’ve never been a casino player, but will play in fun mode to check out the software as well as get feedback from my staff members who love to gamble all the time. hehe

MarvynH answered 1 year ago
Hi guys;

Thank you very much for the response, some valuable info there Gene. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Robin: player’s do always have the choice of not taking up the casino’s opening offers at Fortune Lounge’s properties.