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Google Mysteries Part MCXXVIII

ixian asked 1 year ago
Just looked at my indexed pages in Google Webmaster Tools. My number of indexed pages are dropping like flies. I’m down to four indexed pages and my home page is also not indexed. HOWEVER when I do a Google search of a particular keyword my home page ( shows up in the search results.

Is Google spring cleaning? :Cry:

I sure hope so.

2 Answers
Andy – bet365affiliates answered 1 year ago
I’ve been noticing a few discrepancies in both indexed pages and the SERPs… There’s either a dance going on, or as you suggested, a big spring clean.

One thing a number of people have noticed, and Jason Duke brought up at CAC in Amsterdam, is the fact that some people are getting different results when they are logged into their google account (be it gmail, analytics, webmaster tools, adsense or whatever) than when they are not! Trying logging out, clearing your cookies and checking your serps/indexed pages again <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

ixian answered 1 year ago
Thanks Andy, I’ll give it a try.