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Whatever happened to Google and Updates?

Professor asked 2 years ago
When was the last PR and backlink update anyway? It seems like forever…

Classics any predicitions on when the Googlers will return to life and do a PR and Back Link update?

5 Answers
Anonymous answered 2 years ago
It’s been at least two months since they’ve updated the PR.

I don’t know for sure how long, but I added two pages exactly two months ago, and they still haven’t been ranked, even though they show up for keywords – and rather nicely, I might add.

Anonymous answered 2 years ago
Murphy’s been at it again.

One hour after I made that post I checked my pages and I’ll be damed if the new pages aren’t ranked.

My new site compliments of wagerprofits is finally ranked, too – starting off PR4. Not too shabby.

Backward links have been updated, too.

Janet answered 2 years ago

Last week I talked with matt from Google (My best resource at their eng. department) and he told me that I should expect daily updates and changes but the PR will be changed only once every 3-4 weeks and there maybe at aytime diffrence between the internal PR that they are using to rank a page and the one displyed on the tooldbar

Hope this helps,

Classics answered 2 years ago
PR, backlinks and the Google Directory updated about within the last 24 hours. I haven’t checked to see if all datacenters have updated yet but I think they have. At minimum you can see new backlinks at

The backlinks are quite old though, none from March that i saw at first look.

Professor answered 2 years ago
Just checked my sites and Google definately did update.

All of my established sites are PR6 or higher with quite a few PR7s. All my nedw sites came out of the shoot with PR5s or PR6s.

The only downside is my PR7s arent in the SERPs….. Go Figure…. Google likes my sites enough to give them PR7s yet they list spammy sites that spawn endless windows and cloak at the top of their SERPs for searchers….