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How Many Pages???

tyler85 asked 2 years ago
Hey everyone,

I have a question concerning how many pages ones website should have in order to get a good SE ranking.

I am currently building a new website an I am finding I am trying to create a lot of pages because I heard it is good to have a lot of pages (with good content). But I am finding I am filling these pages with not very usefull information for visitors.

I would much rather have a site with maybe 5 or 6 really good pages of content that people coming accross my site want an need.

So I guess my overall question is, is it possible to get a good SE ranking with a fairly small number of pages, 5-6 or so???

Look forward to your comments!


6 Answers
Professor answered 2 years ago
Good question Tyler. I am sure everyone will weigh in with varying numbers, but I think the key is having quality pages of unique content more then just sheer volume.

kwblue answered 2 years ago
I’ll weigh in <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

I have sites with 5 pages doing as well as sites with 100 pages. I don’t think it matters all that much. It matters how well you are optimized and how many incoming links you have to the SEs.

To the surfer, it matters what you are selling, how well you pre-sell them, and how good your ‘call to action’ is.

webber286 answered 2 years ago
I agree that the number of pages has little bearing on the SERPs. It’s the content that’s important. Build your site for your visitors and you will do better in the long run.

john867 answered 2 years ago
Content can get your more hits from search engines, but even if you had 1,000,000’s of content, you won’t do that well without any optimization.

Optimization of your pages is the main goal plus good quality unique content.

FPForum answered 2 years ago
I also agree..Quality over quantity..Although se’s love content you have to make sure you can keep it up to date. If you are trying to trigure multiple keywords or keyphrases make seperate pages for each – but make them good and optimized.

casinosca answered 2 years ago
have built new sites from 1 page to 250 pages

Sites with 40 to 100 cross link pages do best at the beginning.

When there are fewer than 20 pages, the keywords anchor do not have enough links.

More than 200 pages on a new site seams to cause a dilution of page rank.

I have found the best approach is to start with 50 pages and grow to 500 over a year. started with 20, it now has 63 pages plus 35 PDF files. is new with about 60 pages.