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Expired Domains with PR

mrfori asked 1 year ago
Hello everyone

I bought a couple of one-way links from a guy with PR3 homepage blogs.

Searching. I found the domain on a list of ‘Expired Domains with PR’ with a recent date.

The guy could’ve bought the expired domains. Put a wordpress and did 20 posts with different dates.

I see he also sold links to other 5 – 10 sites.

Now, apart from it’s PR3 dropping down to ‘cero’ on the next google PR update. Do you think those links can affect/harm my site on any other way?

Thank you

3 Answers
ioc answered 1 year ago
Will not harm your site. But it will not benefit your sites as link popularity.

Tarzan answered 1 year ago
Name and shame the person if they sold them to you on a public forum.

sorry about your loss. no harm done to your site, but as IOC said, no good either….

OmahaHustler answered 1 year ago
You should always thoroughly check out a site before you buy/sell a link or do a link exchange. I’ve noticed a bunch of people these days wanting to do link exchanges that offer absolutely no quality. They always want to do a 3-way trade, your link goes on a site that receives no traffic and has 200+ outbound links, but has PR..and you link to their main site.

Recently I had a guy offer me a link on his PR4 site (a member here! this thread to this thread..still up to the same scams, PS, he edited his post on PAP because I threatened to expose his scam if he didn’t make it clear that his site is garbage), I went to the homepage, it looked solid…I tried browsing around and every single navigational link lead to his main site…I checked and the domain hasn’t had an active website in years, so basically its just a domain with pr. While someone linking to you won’t ever hurt you, if you trade/sell a link to these scammers it could affect your site.