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Google Bidding

GaryTheScubaGuy asked 3 years ago
Hi All,

Couldn’t find a ppc forum so I thought I’d post this here.

I’m wondering since the inception of Google’s gaming related flip in the UK, have any of your providers mentioned pushing Google to approve license holders ‘endorsement’ (like they have on trademarks)

I was at the iGaming conference last week and mentioned to 40 or so license holder (many of them big names) that they should seriously start to think about doing this as one participant mentioned that it was a nice solution to eliminate brand bidding. I mentioned that whilst it may accomplish that, the fact that their affiliates cannot bid on hollywood or more significant, niche and long tail keywords is definitely NOT a good thing. When asked why I said that in any sector, but especially gaming, your affiliates drive anywhere from 10-30 of their traffic.

I mentioned to him that we manage millions in PPC spend for gaming sites and are experts in SEO and even we now that regardless if you have a million campaigns with a trillion keyword sets that we are still going to miss out on 10-30% of the business because affiliates are very smart and many are becoming highly skilled in SEO and you just can’t get every advert or campaign setting targeted down to a granular level that would assure you your campaigns top the list for a reasonable CPA.

At any rate, I’d be curious if you all have discussed this and what you experiences are with this.