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Pr and Back links updated

dalster44 asked 2 years ago
Just noticed my PR and back links have now updated just minutes ago!


7 Answers
elgoog answered 2 years ago
it might come and go for some time
is it good?

dalster44 answered 2 years ago
Well, all my new pages gained PR.

All my new sites now have PR, so I guess alls good.


Fergie answered 2 years ago
I’m seeing the pr fluctuating wildly – from past pr to present pr to the new pr.

It’ll take a while to settle.

Market Junction answered 2 years ago
Yea, I have been monitoring it for the past hour.

Looking good so far.

pr0phet answered 2 years ago
Google is always doing crazy stuff with PR.. one day my site was number 5 for my keyword, then it dropped to page 10 then the next day it was back at #5. :laughcry:

webber286 answered 2 years ago
prOphet, PR and your keyword rankings are 2 completely different things. Fluctuating from #5 to #10 in a day is not all that uncommon on Google. Fluctuations in rankings are the status quo with Google. PR is only updated once every quarter or so (the PR you see in the toolbar anyway). It’s also important for others reading this to know that there isn’t a great deal of correlation between PR and keyword rankings, there are many other factors at play and PR is only one of the factors that determines where you come up in Google’s results.