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Google PR Update

Randy asked 3 years ago
Google is apparently updating PR and back links right now. Just a heads up.

I’ve read that this happens every 3-6 weeks or so. Is that probably right?

6 Answers
Professor answered 3 years ago
Looks like a bad one for some of our members. Better check your sites.

Quite a few sites penalized (none of mine, thank heavans). Better check your link partners…

It appears Google is now actively penalizing people who purchased non reciprocating links.

Captain answered 3 years ago
Yes, I noticed a big change this morning and I am very concerned about a few link partners that got penilized. Even my sites dropped 1 pr point.

EyesCoffee answered 3 years ago
Went from 5 sitewide, to main page 5, with the rest 4 😮

Anonymous answered 3 years ago
Down by one.

Randy answered 3 years ago
Me too.

Anonymous answered 3 years ago
Looks like it’s a trade off I will gladly take:
Down one PR rank but my hits on google have doubled!

This one’s for you, PR: