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Ever Heard of SEOLinkVine?

JillO asked 2 years ago
We recently came across this SEO solution that seems pretty incredible- SEOLinkVine. It’s a pretty comprehensive tool that manages Content Creation & Backlinks. Here’s a breakdown on it in case you;re interested:

SEO link vine Review

Just curious if anyone has had experience with SEOLinkVine or a similar tool and would be willing to provide some feedback…

5 Answers
rmeeuwsen answered 2 years ago
I have seen SEOLinkVine many times before, but never bought it.
They certainly have enough positive reviews.

For the total do-it-yourselfer I was also intrigued by Article Marketing Robot.
I alternate between believing that ‘article marketing is dead’ to ‘article marketing still works’

But what I do know is that backlinks are vital.

arkyt answered 2 years ago
Nope had never heard of it, but just went and checked it out and watched the video thats starts playing. To me it sure comes across as a lot of fluff. The guy goes on and on about how he got a site to be #1 for a really tough keyword yet shows no proof other than a graph with the names all blurred out.

Normally as the saying goes if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. To me the site and the video came across quite simply as just a sales man trying to sell his product. Still I was curious how it would work so I went and searched google and looked at a few of those ezinearticle pages. It appeared that most of the articles I seen were not ever used or were used very seldom which would mean not very many backlinks at all and likey low quality links.

While I was doing my very brief research I found an article right here on CAP about article marketing. > Article Marketing for Affiliates – Dead or Strong as Ever? | Casino Affiliate Programs

So in closing I would repeat yet another popular saying – there are no sure fire easy shortcuts and if there were everyone would be doing them so it would end up not being easy at all. As always at the end of the day its all about hard work.

rmeeuwsen answered 2 years ago
Excellent sleuthing job (right under our noses).

So the truth is perceived to be that :
– Good articles may provide some good links
– Bad articles will provide ‘low value’ links

Google’s algorithm will take into account poorly written spun articles,
but if it makes you happy or if you just need to do ‘something’, then do whatever you feel like doing.

To have value, the SEOLinkVine program would have to be an above standard spinner and a very strong distribution channel.
Without verifiable proof you’re in caveat emptor territory.

Kasinas answered 2 years ago
I have tried SEOLinkVine and it is not that great. Yes, you can get lots of links but all blogs there are low quality. If you are looking for high quality links you should look for private blog networks with good quality content.

JillO answered 2 years ago
All this insight is super helpful.

Totally agree with you arkyt. There is no 1 solution that you can actually plug & play that will just do all this magical work for you and you can just sit back and watch the money pour in.

At the same time, I do think there are tools out there that can certainly help with the heavy lifting.

What products do you know of out there that are like SEOLinkVine (as far as the suite of services it can provide) but may be better?