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Are your masked affiliate link redirects 301’s or 307’s?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Search Engine Optimization – (SEO)Are your masked affiliate link redirects 301’s or 307’s?
Hermski asked 2 years ago
Hi everyone

It’s time for a clean up in different sectors of my main site ( One aspect I came across is a presumably never ending discussion about which type of redirect to use for masked affiliate links. I use the WP plugin Pretty Links, which gives you the option for a 307 or 301 type redirect (also, it automatically applies nofollow when redirecting, but that’s a different story).

I’ve been told that too many 307’s is poison in the eyes of search engines. What do you think is best practice and how do you redirect your masked affiliate links? Currently my site is a haven for 307’s, which may therefore not be the best idea.

Thanks for your responses.

5 Answers
boljoro answered 2 years ago
I had no masked links. I added them only last week to my website. I only use 301 redirects. But I can’t tell you yet how Google likes/dislikes to it.

I use the “simple urls” plugin on my wordpress website, it only supports 301.

mcharalambous answered 2 years ago
I like the fact that the title of this only gives you two options… 301 or 307 haha. What if ours are meta refreshes? Or 302s? Hehe!

Shane answered 2 years ago
Hi Hermski,

Chatted to our SEO guy and his view is that a 307 (in theory) works exactly the same as 302. It’s stating that content was moved temporarily.

If in fact it is not a temporary but rather a permanent solution then he strongly suggested using a 301 instead.

He couldn’t see a reason why a 307 could do any harm to your site but it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.


Hermski answered 2 years ago
Thanks everyone for your answers!

So, looking at Shane’s response and relating it to basic affiliate links on your site, you advise to stick with 301 redirects. I suppose, when redirecting your visitors to a betting site, it’s permanent rather than a temporary redirection.

Well, in regards to my comment that “too many” 307s on a site may have a negative impact, I’m basing it on the advice some SEO agency gave me and also it is flagged as a “Warning” with tools such as SEOmoz.

Thanks again!

asiababa answered 2 years ago

Using permanent 301 or temporary 302 or 307 matters a lot.

Say, you are using an id# in masked url and for moment id#1 is redirecting to and after couple of days you redirect id#1 to in this case you need to use temporary redirect.

Bots uses the same logic which we guys use. If the masked url is for permanent redirect thn use 301 else use 302 or 307. Things will go upside down if you are using 301 and keep on changing the redirect url and in contrast vice-versa will not make any harm.