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finally asking here

elgoog asked 3 years ago
i can’t figure it out:

one page apears in Google like this when i search for it:
ÿþ< HTML lang = " zh " > < HEAD > < meta http - equiv = " Content ...
Éb/OžŠ 0 ^/O†OžŠ 09N¥žžŠ 0 ^؁žŠ, casino chinese china < / TITLE > < meta name = " description " content = " ê1uxÇdMQ»ŒfŠ©s båN w"“ Nèl„v²}ïíŒÎWJ2b! ... – 8k – 29 dec 2005 – In cache – Gelijkwaardige pagina’s
when i click the link it appears normal,
i dont expect many visitors from it, but i want to know whats wrong?!
-is it the server nor serving the page right?
– i know the “ÿþ” at the start is the wrong reading for ltr, should i add ltr?

its a language thingy for sure, it also happens with other pages,
any help appreciated

24 Answers
Greek39 answered 3 years ago
What confuses me the most which I was not aware of. I thought all programming languages are universal. Something like mathematical symbols are, I cannot understand programming language being translated into a foriegn language.

I must of missed the boat on this one. greek39

elgoog answered 3 years ago

ty Talk and Dom

i get neurotic from it
its not at all important,
but i really like to know whats to do

btw its traditional chinese…


Dominique answered 3 years ago
Those translations are hilarious. Just pick a sentence and translate it, then paste the translation in and translate it back. Too funny.

Talk Casinos answered 3 years ago
Google is in Beta testing with the Chinese language (simplified)

Just a guess but it looks like the fonts are not supported on google even if you have them installed on your PC.