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ALakeOfFire asked 1 year ago
We have a VB forum and use joomla for our cms on the rest of the site. My question is:

A lot of our members link to us from thier own blogs, websites, ect…. But when they link to us, they use thier member referral link.

ex. hxxp://

Is there a way to direct all of these to to absorb the back link juice? However When I forward them, it should still keep the linker’s credit for the referral if they create a forum account.


3 Answers
Oneguy2nv answered 1 year ago
I’ll take a stab at this since no one else has yet… maybe this will give you a start for looking into it, anyway.

You could use IP delivery cloaking and use a 302 redirect if it matters enough to you.

I’m not sure how you would keep the “linker’s credit” since I don’t really know what that means, but I suspect there’s a way. If the “linker’s credit” is based on hits, they’ll just be credited with non-bot hits. However that works with joomla and vb, I’m sure it can be done by a competent programmer.

Cloaking may or may not be worth the trouble for you. (it’s trouble with upkeep and potential loss, I imagine.)

ALakeOfFire answered 1 year ago
Thanks for helping out! I am not familiar with cloaking. I will have to do some research. I would imagine there is a cookie for keeping the referral credit, but I wasn’t sure if the cookie would still install if the visitor was redirected to my homepage instead of landing on the linked page of xxx

I would like referrer #2144 to keep credit for sending us a new member.

answered 1 year ago
I do something similar in reverse on one site using code like this:

[PHP]RewriteRule ^(.*)/(.*)/(.*) index.php?p=$1&r=$2&n=$3[/PHP]

…in htaccess

So someone linking to htp:// would be fine but it will actually call index.php?p=a&r=b&n=c (in this example) which means you can retain your credit. But of course, ppl will need to be told to link to /a/b/c

If you want to use the existing links you could reverse engineer that however you will have to know how to transform the directory /a/b/c to log their referer ID