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Randy asked 1 year ago
I have received some ROI using ePilot, so I have 3 campaigns running there right now. Small campaigns using obscure keyword phrases.

The interesting thing that happened to me there is that one of my campaigns was put on pause over a month ago and is still receiving clicks.

I’ve asked my account manager about it, he talked to tech, and they can’t explain. But they’ve credited my account for the clicks.

I thought that would be the end of it, but I’m still receiving clicks. My account manager told me he would continue to issue credits back on the clicks.

So I decided to delete the listing, thinking that would stop the clicks.

So far today, I’m showing 9 clicks on a campaign that is not only paused, but is actually deleted.

I think EXTREME caution is in order when dealing with ePilot.

1 Answers
islandmaan answered 1 year ago
u should check the Advertising warning section of Cap and you will see lots of warnings from this group.

They will try to upsell you to a higher buy usually $500 or more and then you will be sorry!